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This is so high quality. And to release it under Creative Commons? Very generous. Thank you!


Thankee kindly, and you're very welcome  :3

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I just want to say thanks again for this fantastic spell list. I used many of them (with attribution!) for a Druid class I wrote for The Black Hack 2e. They brought so much flavor! I love that the spells aren't really damage based.

I also threw a couple dollars your way as a thank you. 


You're very welcome!  I'm glad they've been so useful for you  :3

These are fantastic! A lot of spells in here that I haven't seen anywhere else.

I really hope so, because I wrote them in the last few weeks *lol*

Thanks kindly :3

Almost better than your standard spell-list.

Thank ye kindly!  I think it might have a few holes in what it covers, though  X3

This bangs!

Thankee kindly!

This is fantastic!

Thanks kindly :3