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The moon rises ...

Like a succulent slice of bloody, orange squash ...

May I present to you And To All A ... Gourd Night, a wee system-agnostic pocketmod of a magical midnight meadow filled with pumpkins -- and pumpkin magic. 

And mice who come for seeds and witchery, and maybe a cat who follows the mice --

And of course the Pumpking will surely put in an appearance.

As a pocketmod, Gourd Night just needs a print, a trim (optional) and a fold to be a wee zine!  Instructions for pocketmods can be found here.

Note: Alas, Letter-sized paper is what I have in these parts, and I drew the zine directly onto a sheet.  I know this is inconvenient for the majority of the world, apologies  D:

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Tagsadventure-site, pocketmod, system-agnostic, Tabletop role-playing game


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