A downloadable ttrpg minizine

I was generating prompts for the Zine Idea Generator 2.0 Jam and, well ...

How could I resist ~?

So you find yourself with an angelic carcass on your hands ... best make use of it!

Beatific Butchery is a little pocketmod/8-page foldable minizine that offers up some tools of the trade for finding some of the best bits of a deceased heavenly messenger, and just what those bits might be used for, from fighting to eating.  A blessed discovery!  *lol*


Beatific Butchery.pdf 1 MB
Beatific Butchery.jpg 1 MB

Install instructions

Print, cut where needed and fold!  One demonstration/explanation of how to cut and fold can be found here --

It's Letter-sized, because I drew right on a sheet of paper and Letter is what we have, alas.  A bit of resizing to print and trimming may fit it onto A4?

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