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I had some more trinket tables and decided to experiment with making them into a very basic, quarter-page zine.

It’s eight pages including the front and back cover, with six themed d10 tables.  If you set your pdf printer to print 2×2 pages per sheet, double-sided, the 2×2 pdf should work (I got it working in mine at least); yell if it misbehaves?

CategoryPhysical game
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(7 total ratings)
GenreRole Playing
Tagssystem-agnostic, tables, treasures, trinkets


Pleasant Small Things.pdf 1 MB
Pleasant Small Things - 2x2 page print layout.pdf 1 MB


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Unspeakably beautiful.

Utterly breathtaking.

I'm speechless.


Thank you!  :3

I love pleasant small things, trinkets and tables for trinkets so this is a perfect little bonbon for me; I also use these random tables for personal writing and journal-type solo games and reading through the lists sparked a dozen different  inspirations, so thank you!

You're very welcome :3