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Welcome to Varas!

And welcome to The Blue Lotus Hack! Inside the pages of this Black Hack variant, you'll find:

* New classes and variants of the original Black Hack classes
* Magic spells and psychic gifts
* Scores of monsters
* Dozens of enchanted items
* And a mini campaign setting, the southern reaches of the continent of Varas, a world marked by the scars of an ancient immortals' war and the incursion of the Pale Lords and their soul-eating ephemeral hordes.

The Blue Lotus Hack is built on the Black Hack 1e ruleset and was originally published on Drivethrurpg in 2018.  I've chosen to unearth it and offer it here, finally linking it -- and the alias I used for it at the time -- to myself.

CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(10 total ratings)
GenreRole Playing
TagsOSR, Retro, Tabletop


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I bought the paperpack, very cool. Could you say a little more about the species ? I'm having trouble visualizing the last two. Are there analogs to these? I'd not could you share a Sentence or two more ?


Visually they  what I put in the book, more or less; I can tweak selan. 

Vaskr are noticeably taller than baseline humans, they have teeth like a carnivore's (including fangs) and they have horns that branch (you could give them antlers, it's basically the same thing, antlers just shed annually), this can give them a fiercer appearance.

Selan are more lean than baseline humans (more slender or wiry, however you like), and they have cloven hooves; this can be digitigrade legs as well, so something like looking like antelope- or deer- legs, with a long tail for balancing that has long silky hair, like a banner or pennant of a hair-tuft.


I loved this, and I realize I never got around to telling you. It's good. I can't say I've played it- too much going on for years now- but I really quite like how it's set up. Even went and hand-bound it for myself in a nice little hardcover.


Why, thank you very kindly!  I'm glad to know you've enjoyed it :3

I've actually been considering a little companion or expansion to Varas, now and then; if one pulls together, it'll go up here :3


Wow! I've been going through your work a night! All of it is great, but this really stands out and brings me a lot of joy to read. Very fun, full of intrigue and flavor, and seems well-made mechanically! If I could give more than 5 stars, I would 


Thank you very kindly!  I'm glad it's been something enjoyable for you :3