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I loved this, and I realize I never got around to telling you. It's good. I can't say I've played it- too much going on for years now- but I really quite like how it's set up. Even went and hand-bound it for myself in a nice little hardcover.


Why, thank you very kindly!  I'm glad to know you've enjoyed it :3

I've actually been considering a little companion or expansion to Varas, now and then; if one pulls together, it'll go up here :3


Wow! I've been going through your work a night! All of it is great, but this really stands out and brings me a lot of joy to read. Very fun, full of intrigue and flavor, and seems well-made mechanically! If I could give more than 5 stars, I would 

Thank you very kindly!  I'm glad it's been something enjoyable for you :3